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2022 HR purpose

2022 HR purpose

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Are people really the most valuable asset in an organisation?


The organisational capability comprises foundational elements that make organisations function.


People are one element. Along with a strong strategy, a sound culture, forward-looking competency plan, right behaviour and leadership, and robust systems and structures. What also makes an organisation unique and can’t be replicated. Your strategic and competitive advantage!


Well combined, balanced, aligned and developed organisational capability elements make people your most valuable asset. What enables your organisation to deliver the strategy, meet client expectations, grow the business and generate sustainable value for owners and other stakeholders. Which is also the purpose of HR. The why!


Everything transforms rapidly. A constant annual wheel approach is growing into rolling forecasting thinking. It becomes a matter of data driven and evidence-based insight and foresight. Surveys show too few organisations keep capabilities high on the agenda. To excel, drive innovation and remain in business it can’t be ignored. As well, different development phases of the organisation require different needs. It is the responsibility of the owners, board and management.


It’s about what competence an organisation needs one, three or five years ahead – in a market short of talent. Right people at the right place at the right time. How to assess whether to hire externally or re-/upskill internally. What is needed to drive change and innovation, not being driven by competitors. Which structures and systems needed to support the organisation. Effective, efficient and demand driven. How to mirror the strategy though performance objectives and culture. The ability to quickly adapt. And to protect the owners investment. And much more.


Many SMEs can’t carry a full-time internal resource with the right competence to identify and close organisational capability gaps.


why!HR assists businesses to strengthen and grow sustainably. Going to the core of your organisation, offering advice and support to owners, boards, and management on organisational and HR issues. To improve your organisational capability. To generate sustainable value.

why!HR may also liaise between clients and our partners delivering transactional and administrative HR services.


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To improve your business performance why!HR offers an independent, comprehensive and analytical study of the company, to present findings, advice and proposals for client consideration and decision.


To support decision or programme roll-outs why!HR offers consultancy support to execute strategies, transformation programmes, initiatives, projects and other HR or organisational activities.


To improve the HR effectiveness why!HR may undertake a balanced and analytical assessment of an HR function


At times business managers need a confidant and discussion partner. With discretion why!HR offers constructive and objective support and advice on business issues, to support improvement

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