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We are in times the world has never seen before.


Globalisation, technology, new business models, new behaviour, mobility. All changing our entire society dramatically.


A declining workforce, challenges any company, in attracting and retaining the right, people.


With each day passing, people and technology, are becoming more intertwined.


To develop sustainable business: management: owners: and board members: have to act differently to adapt.


Protecting the owner’s investment, is about reducing risk.


Consequently, how you develop your organisational capability: is: paramount!


99% of Norwegian companies are small and medium sized, with less than 250 employees. Also known as, SMBs.


SMBs, come in every size and shape. With different geographical presence, ownership and maturity.


They contribute to almost half of the value creation in Norway. About half of all employees in private sector work in SMBs, and they create two of three new jobs.


Large companies, and the public sector, depend on SMBs, as subcontractors, or specialist services.


Through significant ripple effects, for local communities and our economy, SMBs are the backbone of our society.


They will, remain so, in the transformation of business, towards the close of the oil era. A different, sustainable growth mindset, is emerging. Where people and technology integrate, changing our lives. A 5th industrial revolution.


New laws of business gravity, will apply.


It is no longer, about how much but, how you make money.


And, green washing, is transparent.


Onwards, it is about, driving change, not being driven.


It is not about size, or muscle. But the ability, to quickly, adapt.


Never before, has the organisational, capability, been more imperative for business transformation.

From the company infancy and onwards, SMBs need to develop, and maintain, a strong organisational capability.


And bring the right people together, to fill any competency gaps. To focus on the core, omitting anything unnecessary, for the business to operate effectively.


Demand driven: HR.


To build the organisational capability to deliver the strategy. Meet client expectations, and generate sustainable value for stakeholders.


The purpose of HR. The why[


why HR.


Inhouse HR, is a cost many SMBs and start-ups, cannot carry.


why!HR, advices and supports owners, boards, and management of SMBs to improve their organisational capability. To generate sustainable value.


Through people, leadership, and culture.


Either as HR and organisational advice or through interim leadership for hire.


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To improve client business performance why!HR offers an independent, comprehensive and analytical study of the company, to present findings, advice and proposals for client consideration and decision.


To support decision or programme roll-outs why!HR offers consultancy support to execute strategies, transformation programmes, initiatives, projects and other HR or organisational activities.


To improve the HR effectiveness why!HR may undertake a balanced and analytical assessment of an HR function


At times business managers need a confidant and discussion partner. With discretion why!HR offers constructive and objective support and advice on business issues, to support improvement


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