Interim (HR) leadership for hire 

At times an organisation may encounter urgent challenges or temporary gapswhere there is an immediate need for broad experience and assistance. Likewise, an organisation may not have the internal capability/competency to handle a defined situation.


The solution is interim management! Temporarily hiring a highly competent and qualified manager/leadership or professional (discipline expert). Unlike a consultant, interim leadership (e.g.) temporarily takes on P/L responsibility, implements business objectives and becomes a part of the daily operation in an organisation.

As temporary assignments mosty goes through network any referral is appreciated.



Availability; easily and quickly and flexible

  • Highly competent and (over-)qualified – straight to the issues at hand

  • Expert within a discipline and management – quick results

  • Full access to managerial competence for a defined time window

  • Fully focused (unlike a consultant who may have a number of ongoing projects)

  • Independent and objective view on issues at hand

  • Impartiality to the organisation – no ties to past decisions or people

  • A temporary solution with a clear time line

  • No recruitment cost, social cost, insurances, pension or redundancy cost.

My services

I offer my services as interim leadership, HR leadership in particular. Advisory, taking the lead of an HR department, commercial (strategic & operational) HR leadership, capability and competency development, HR systems development, organisational development, people and performance development, transition, downsizing, conflict handling etc.

  • HR leadership roles (HR Leader, HR Manager, HR Director etc.)

  • General manager, operations manager and leadership roles

  • Finance roles (Finance Manager, Finance Director)

  • Quality management roles

  • Consultant assignments


My experience may in particular help organisations undergoing transformation, change, implementing new organisation structure, integrating acquired companies/services, undergoing culture change.

Or simply safeguarding status quo, pending the arrival of new permanent leadership.

Customer Promise

In addition to my view on business HR and my background I promise to deliver high quality performance based on;

  • Strong business acumen

  • Broad managerial experience (from complex organisations)

  • High commercial HR competence (strategic & operational)

  • Broad multi discipline experience

  • Quick quality results

  • Open-minded, direct, challenging, confident, integrity

  • Good at building trust and relations (including Works Councils, employee reps. etc.)

  • Having a good network to other service providers

Board member


I also offer my board member experience.


Prior to start-up of any assignment clarifications and expectations must be agreed upon. Furthermore, scope of assignment, time line and expected deliverables. The project plan and deliverables must be subject to review in the course of the assignment. I also expect a high degree of flexibility on a daily basis.

Terms and conditions

The cost of my services is based on negotiations (scope, company headcount, revenue, P/L, stakeholders, expectations etc.).

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Phone: +47 91 16 10 37

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